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Originally born and raised in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Carol traveled the world for four years before settling in the San Francisco Bay area to pursue metaphysical studies in Astrology, Clairvoyance, Yoga, Rebirthing Breathwork and Rejuvenating Foods.  Carol is an accomplished Healer and Teacher and has 30 years experience in Clairvoyance and Astrology, and has directed four different Clairvoyant Training Institutes in Northern and Southern California.  Carol has taught Meditation in one form or another to many people and has refreshing neutrality to the various life experiences people create. Partnering with psychic Lance Thurston during the mid 1990's to mid 2000's, on San Francisco's KEST personal growth Radio, Carol offered astrological readings to the general public.


Carol founded and directed the Livermore Center for Enlightenment in Downtown Livermore, where ongoing classes and consultations were offered to the public from 1996 to 2006. Raw food potlucks and training classes were offered in the early days of the Raw Food Movement. Carol has a certification as a Personal Trainer, Raw Food Chef and Advisor with The Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education, as well as certification training with Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. Carol hosted the founder of the Rebirthing Breathwork movement, Leonard Orr, in Livermore and also certified as a Breathworker in 2000 with The Mendocino Center for Massage and Advanced Healing Arts.


Currently Carol is offering classes and consultations in Astrology, Rebirthing Breathwork and Clairvoyant Development in Santa Monica, Berkeley, Californiaand will be offering classes in Franklin, Tennessee in October 2012.



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