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Newspaper Column

Carol writes an Astrology column, SEEING STARS, for the Psychic Reader Newspaper.

Astrological Reading

Taped reading looks at your natal (birth) chart, as well as your intention for this lifetime. (Sliding scale fee)  $150 for 1 1/2 hour

Current Transits Reading

The Transits of the planets reflect events happening now, windows of opportunity.  Understand what is unfolding in your life and why. $60

Clairvoyant Reading

This is available separately or in conjunction with an Astrology Reading.  Focusing on your relationship with your body in present time.  From here the past or future can be viewed. $150

Student Aura Reading

Learn about the colors in your energy field.  $50

Progressions Reading

Progression of the planets reflects your internal private development.  Your internal landscape evolves.  You can benefit by pursuing the positive potential outcomes. $60

Relationship Reading

An in-depth look at the dynamics within each person as well as within the 3rd relationship space.  Any partner, child, business, friend, or family member can be looked at.  The relationship has its own agenda.  A wealth of information can be learned and applied to each individual's benefit. $200





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