StarGuide by Carol Cilliers

Where do you fit within the greater scheme of things?

What is your purpose this lifetime?

What is your signature across lifetimes?

How do you know when to push things
along and when to go with the flow?

Astrology gives a larger perspective and a specific timetable for events in your life. They say that Astrology was created for those of us who have forgotten our past lives and are looking to get back on our path...

NEWSPAPER COLUMN - Carol writes an Astrology column, SEEING STARS, for the Psychic Reader Newspaper.

Astrological Readings & Services

$2 per minute, 10 minute minimum. $150 for full 90 minute taped reading.
Call (925) 323-9663 with birth time, date, place. (Sliding scale available)

Astrological Reading
Taped reading looks at your natal (birth) chart, your intention for this lifetime.

Current Transits Reading
are events happening now, windows of opportunity. Understand what is unfolding in your life and for what purpose.

Clairvoyant Readings
are available separately or in conjunction with an Astrology Reading. I go into an altered state, focusing on your relationship with your body in present time. From here the past or future can be viewed.
Progressions Reading
reflect your internal private development. Your internal landscape evolves. You can benefit by pursuing the positive potential outcomes.

Relationship Reading
An in depth look at the dynamics within each person as well as within the 3rd relationship space. Any partner, child, business, friend, family member, can be looked at. The relationship has it's own agenda. A wealth of information can be learned and applied to each individuals' benefit.

Classes with Carol Cilliers
$25 Drop In Class, $120 for 6 Week Session

Clairvoyant Astrology Class
Learn about the timing and unfolding of your unique spiritual path using your natal chart as a map of your stellar being! Hands on approach, personal readings every week!

Men and Womens Meditation
Become aware of how to tune into yourself, protect yourself, channel your creative energy and access your higher self, whilst having fun and not taking it too seriously!
  Spirit Guides and Healing
Learn to communicate with and use spirit guides to heal yourself and others. Become aware of auras, how healing energy affects the aura. Heal without depleting your personal energy.

Personal & Spiritual Goals & Coaching
Six Month Program by Appointment.

Carol's Biography

Carol Cilliers is an accomplished Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Healer and Teacher. She has 20 years experience in Astrology and has directed 4 different clairvoyant training institutes in Northern and Southern California. Carol Cilliers has taught meditation techniques to many, helping people to regain control of their lives. Carol has a refreshing neutrality to the various life experiences that people create.

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