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Star Guide Astrological Services by Master Astrologer Carol Cilliers at CarolCilliers.com, formerly Starguidebycarol.com

Astrological and Clairvoyant Readings

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Carol Cilliers Free Online Horoscopes, daily, weekly, monthly - Carol offers clairvoyant training, astrological readings, astrology charts, psychic readings, classses and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and Livermore Center for Enlightenment.

How do you know when to push things along and when to go with the flow?

Where do you fit within the greater scheme of things?

What is your purpose this lifetime?

What patterns exist across your lifetimes?


Find out about your Stars so you can be the Star you are!

Astrology gives you a larger perspective on who you are. It also gives you a specific timetable for events in your life. Astrology was created for those of us who have forgotten our past lives, and are looking to get back on our path.



Email a question and I will email an answer. You would need to email me your date, place and time of birth (source of birth time so I know how accurate it is) Paypal link below...

Each question is $50, payable with paypal or send check or money order, no credit cards (unless used through paypal).

Phone readings also available! Set up via email or phone (925) 323-9663 . Please provide the same information as noted for email readings.  See the instructions above for payment options. 

Carol Cilliers (925) 323-9663 E-Mail: ccilliers@msn.com


Formerly http://www.starguidebycarol.com

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